Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Veinte y tres

Twenty three months today. Your dad says that after you turn two it will be a little odd to continue counting your age in months, he might be right. He also decided that yesterday night was his last night calling you our baby, you're the big boy now. In a few short months your brother Mason will be here to fill in the position of resident "baby" and he doesn't want you to feel like your title has been usurped. So from now on you are our big man, big boy - not a baby anymore. Not that you seem much like a baby anyways, nor have you for a while.

Your vocabulary and comprehension has exploded over the last month, even just the last week. You are much more specific when requesting something, asking for the blue towel or wanting to see the red cool car. Of course you will still be stubborn when in the right (or wrong) mood and refuse to "use your words" sometimes, but we know you have them as you use them all the time. Unfortunately you seem to have inherited my stubbornness. Your dad claims it's all from me, not a bit of his own. Though I disagree with him openly, I secretly agree. You have my stubbornness and my particular ways. You like things just so. Fortunately you have also inherited your father's goofiness and sweet nature to counteract these things. You are an amazing mix of the two of us, and an entirely amazing little person of your own.

In a month you will officially be a two year old. This last year, your second year, has flown by ridiculously fast. Of course a lot of things occurred over the course of this past year to make it disappear even quicker, but it seems like you hopped straight from one to two in a short period of time. You are such a funny and engaging little boy, I can't wait to see what more you will become. We love you, big boy.

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