Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I survived

But just barely. Travel, as a pregnant lady, with a toddler generally sucks patootie. I packed, I planned, and the kiddo generally behaved pretty well; but I am still worn out, exhausted, and not looking forward to repeating this act in a few more weeks. The flights went pretty well, going there Skyler was pretty excited by the whole concept of flying on an airplane and all the new toys. He had a bit of a meltdown towards the end of the flight but conked out after about five minutes. Poor guy was just exhausted. Going back was a later flight and the boy acted liked we had fed him a pound of chocolate and some shots of espresso, he was all over the place. He must have gotten up and down out of his chair fifty times before deciding his time would be better spent opening/closing/then opening the window shade. Not sure where that manic energy came from, but towards the tail of the flight it ended the same with a meltdown and a passed out toddler. The trip itself was good, but took a toll on me mentally and physically. I have a LOT of family in New Mexico, and they were all new for Skyler. He handled it all with good grace, generally, but he was definitely out of sorts and was much more irritable and clingy than usual. Can't blame him really. I am glad we did it, but even more glad that it is over. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts on how to survive toddler travel, they were very helpful. My addition to the list: don't do it, or if you do perhaps either you or your toddler should be medicated. Your pick. Phew, time for some rest.

The highlights of the trip: meeting Great Grandpa, and going home


Tracey said...

Or better yet, don't travel with a toddler while pregnant and ALONE.

Glad you survived it without too much drama...

Pregnantly Plump said...

I'm glad you survived! Little Elvis and I are flying on Friday. He gets his own seat this time. I have a feeling he will end up in my lap, though.