Thursday, March 12, 2009

As the belly grows - 25 weeks

Little Mason man will be twenty five weeks (gestationally speaking) tomorrow. That means only fifteen more weeks(ish) until he enters into this side of the world. I can't believe how quickly the last few weeks have flown by. It scares me to think how quickly we will now move to thirty and *gulp* beyond. I have definitely popped, I know this both by my own observation and the willingness of the general public to now make their own observations. I have been receiving a lot more comments from strangers lately, mostly women asking if I know what I am having. Though I did meet a lovely homeless man while I was parking my car today who inquired if it would be rude to assume I was expecting.

We also had a doctor visit today, all is going well and I am measuring right along if not a bit ahead. Technically I am measuring at 26 weeks, but again I am just going to keep sticking with the 26th of June as it's too much hassle to keep switching. Mason's little heart was ticking along at 150, he gave the doctor a run for her money as he was being a squirmy little bug and she had to keep readjusting to get an accurate reading. As Andy has noted, and I have noticed too, Mason is much more of a mover than Skyler was in utero. Skyler pulled lots of kicks and jabs, and by the end of it I seemed to constantly have a foot lodged in my ribs. Mason seems much more interested in full on body movements, lots of stretching,flipping, and scooting around. I also found out that thus far I have accomplished the astonishing feat of only gaining 13 pounds. This is practically a miracle if you compare it to the weight I have gained by this point with Skyler, you could pretty much triple that number and it would be accurate. Now if I can just keep it up...

Here's the belly:


Jamie said...

You look great!

Grow Mason, Grow!! ;)

kristine said...

Dang it! I was going to say you look great but that's the last comment left. So.... you look fantastic! LOL. You do, though.

What you say about how Mason moves around is how PArker was too. He moved a lot more than Graycen did. It's weird.

Ann(ie) said...

You look hawt, girl!!!! You are seriously an adorable pregnant person! And is it flying by or is it flying by???? sheeesh. I still have a ton of stuff to do. I tenatively scheduled my c-section for the 23rd the other day. I'd best get on my TO DO list.