Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sending out summer

As usual, I have lots to say and too little time to say it. Things continue to be busy round here, BL and I actually just returned from a loooong day of painting. We finally got the keys to OUR house and have been spending the last few days madly painting in a wild attempt to get as much done as we physically can before the new carpet is installed this Thursday. We have so far managed to finish painting our bedroom and MR's bedroom, so atleast he and we will have a haven even if the rest of the house is still a work in progress. It makes me tired just thinking about how much more painting I would like to do, but I am ridiculously glad to even have the opportunity to be painting our walls in our home. Yay.

Regarding the totally non-house and certainly non-baby related pictures dotting this post, BL and I spent this past weekend with some old friends just being a couple in their mid-twenties. So of course there was lots of drinking, late nights, and plenty of good humor. We invited four other couples with whom we are all good friends with to come out to the family cabin in Idaho for one last fling before summer truly ends. It was strange, and refreshing, to spend a weekend sans-kiddo and con-husband. We certainly missed MR, especially since the cabin is covered in pictures his Nana has taken of him, but we can all agree that adult time has it's (necessary) place too.

We really needed the break to help us refresh and prepare for the rough weeks ahead. The kiddo managed just fine without us as well. I had been worried leaving him, it was the first time both BL and I had been away from him and for multiple days. He stayed with BL's parents, who took very good care of him. I am sure there was some major spoilage that occurred, but he seems to have come out just fine.


Pregnantly Plump said...

Sounds like a fun time was had by all! That's great that you guys have a cabin where you can gather with your friends!

Ann(ie) said...

That sounds like a blast!!! And I love that bottom pic. hehe.

Anonymous said...

It's great you guys got a break. You deserve it :)

Kristi said...

It's so important to reconnect with your spouse once you become parents, and it looks like you had a blast!