Saturday, July 11, 2009


I don't currently possess enough motivation, or brain cells, to create a coherent post. So here's random for ya:

- I am still in wonderment in how very different our boys are in looks. Skyler is brown like me, and Mason is (so far) white like his daddy. White skinned and blue eyed. Genetics are a funny thing.

- Pumping is going better, but I am still going to be so glad to be done with it. The question is when? Pumping will be easier, and make more sense, when I go back to work (at 12 weeks). Just wishing there was a more efficient way to do all this.

- Not sure if it is just me, hoping it's not, but I am still working to find room in my heart for two little people. Don't get me wrong, I love both boys dearly, but it's a different kind of love. I have known Skyler for two years now and love the person I have come to know him as. Mason is a love for the sake of loving, I don't really know him yet. This and the process of watching Skyler struggle daily with sharing "my mommy", it can be heartbreaking. This gets easier, yes?

Mmmm, Coldstone


Jamie said...

These are all totally normal fears.

I am so afraid of sharing Bo with two little girls... And of his reaction and watching him struggle to adjust after being number one for so long.

Hang in there. I don't know for sure -- but everyone says it gets better. :)

You have two beautiful little guys!

Pregnantly Plump said...

With the exception of my dad and uncle(identical twins) no siblings in my family look alike. In some cases, it's hard to believe they are related!
I hope the pumping gets easier. I was never able to get the hang of it.

Kristi said...

Nicholas looks like Isabella, who looks like me (with a little of my husband thrown in). Luci, though, looks like neither of us! You're right-genetics are funny.

As for the love issue-I understand completely, and yes, it does get easier. If you were reading my blog before the twins arrived, I was in tears at least once a week over the idea of Isabella feeling marginalized by the arrival (and demands) of the twins. But as they grew a little, and she could help me with them more and therefore feel more a part of things, my feelings abated. It's still tough, but your love for Mason will soon match that which you have for Skyler.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

It gets easier. It does. And it's normal, so be sure to give yourself a break on it. Also remember that Mason can't tell if you're lavishing extra love on Skyler right now. Go ahead and spoil the heck out of him if you want, just to reassure him that you still adore him. Mason will be happy with a ceiling fan and a full tummy. :)

He's adorable, by the way! Congratulations!