Monday, June 23, 2008

The Wedding

I think this will be a short on the words big on the pictures kind of post. We had a very successful weekend, much more successful than the last time we attempted to attend a wedding. Then again, BL was the best man so we really had to make this one work. The MR beyond impressed us with his staying power. The first day was a little rough (and clingy), but the day of he spent a whole four hours of well behaved attendance at the wedding before retiring to the hotel with his Nana. He befriended all the little people he encountered, which was thrilling considering he doesn't get a whole lot of baby contact as of late. He also zoomed around like a mad man, had some cake, went up-down-and up some stairs again, and danced like a little goober. It was a really wonderful weekend and I am so very proud of my little man.


kristine said...

You guys look so cute! Glad to hear it went so well!

Soupy said...

awww, he is just so damn sweet. I could eat him up! what a fun guy. So glad this event went well, after the previous experience! LOL You are looking amazing, as well! :)