Saturday, June 14, 2008

Water water everywhere

Thank the gods, we are finally starting to get some sunny, shiny weather around here. True the temperature and climate has been worlds better here than it ever was in Spokane. Still, there have been far to many rainy days of late than should be acceptable in almost mid-June.

Today we have a couple of videos featuring the MR interacting with different forms of water. BL and the MR came to visit me for lunch Friday and we ended up having an impromptu picnic next to a little fountain in a park. MR was pretty thrilled with it and was equally pissed when we told him it was time to go. The pictures (and video) were taken on my phone- not too shabby. The video is pretty low-fi but this is what you get when filming via phone.

Then today we took a walk down a local nature trail pretty close to where we live. In one of our various incarnations as Vancouver residents we lived directly across from this path, we have many fond memories of it and were glad to be able to share it with the MR. We even ventured down into the creek that the trail follows. Again MR enjoyed the splashy goodness. He mostly enjoyed finding rocks to "gift" to me, then dropping them back in to watch them sploosh.


kristine said...

very cute. isn't it so fun to watch them turn into kids??

Pregnantly Plump said...

that's so cool that your cell phone does that! Little Elvis recently went to a water spout place like that and had the best time.